Started in September, 2001 this choir has been singing up a storm at several venues throughout the lower mainland. From Christmas concerts, charity events to festivals and even coffee houses this versatile choir can sing anywhere.

Their repertoire varies from chamber music, African rhythms, gospel, folk songs to whatever else catches their fancy. Always up for a challenge they have created their own arrangements for some of their favorite songs.

The talented people that are in this choir come from all walks of life. Their only common bond being the music and the love of singing. Never afraid to try something new and always ready to expand their abilities.

New members are always welcome at the beginning of seasons. Rehearsals are held at the Calvin Presbyterian Church at 33911 Hazelwood Ave, Abbotsford, BC on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

Zoom Singing with Liisa Nessim and Laura Wheeler (Joy Vox 2020-2021)

Come sing with Liisa and Laura on Wednesday Evenings! We will supply the music on-line, teach you the parts and then you can sing with us in harmony. It will feel like we are singing in your home and you are belting it out right with us. There will be twelve sessions running from September 9th to November 25th.

Each evening you log into the zoom meeting at 6:45pm. This gives you a chance to get your sound and video working. Plus, a chance to say hello to everyone that you haven’t seen all summer or make new friends. At 7pm everyone is muted except for Liisa and Laura. They will then take everyone through a vocal warm up, sight reading and then work on a piece to sing. You just sing along! At the end of the twelve weeks there will be an opportunity to video record your part and we will put it all together to make a video choral performance. Or just enjoy singing!

This season will definitely have a smattering of new and old Christmas tunes that should appeal to everyone!

All you need to participate is a computer or tablet. Even a phone will work but for seeing the music you may want a bigger screen. Head phones or ear buds will also make the experience more enjoyable. The season costs $100 to participate and is paid through e-transfer. After you have paid we will then send you all the information needed to participate.

If you wish to join us please email

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This choir attended the 2010 Kiwanis Music Festival and received gold. Joy Vox was then invited to the Nationals in May 2011 being held in Richmond, BC, where they received Silver for all across Canada.

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